My 1st Vendor Event Experience By: Daphne

My 1st Vendor Event Experience By: Daphne

The Jitters YIKES!!!!

Ever felt so anxious that you feel like passing out? Like your stomach is in a Knot? Well, that was us the night before our first vendor event! We felt like Eminem right before his big Rap battle, Palms sweety & all ... 

The morning of our big vendor event we were up super early due our anxiety HAHAH I think we both slept no more than 3 hours! We had everything ready to go in the truck including displays and products! 

It was great weather at the Womelsdorf Park and busy as ever. The view had vendors and crafters all over setting up, including a food truck that was made from a school bus... pretty cool right?

There was also the famous yearly carnival going on too! so you can already imagine the craziness going on. We found our set-up spot and begin to unload. We were able to set up everything in 30 minutes which was a plus.

8 am hit and here come the shoppers looking for great deals on Handcrafted items, Homemade goods and unique crafts!

Despite it being 98-degree weather, we were pumped up ready to make sales. Our anxiety vanished and our motivation to sale kicked in! We had our brochures leaving like they were candy!! Many vendors as well as customers would complement our set up and of course how wonderful it all smelled. 

We stayed until 4pm and had a good turnout for our first vendor event. We learned a couple of things that day. One to RELAX and breathe it's going to be okay! first time is always scary but it's okay!!

Two always have a gazebo and be ready for any weather! 

Three pack a cooler and snacks! Gotta stay hydrated and belly full... Good thing there was a food truck there but that's not always the case.

Four pre plan your set up and make sure you have everything to go the night before!

and lastly have some FAITH yes FAITH! it all works out eventually and you realize you were all worked up for nothing... Instead relax, get a good night's rest and remember that your personality will always shine through and that's what gives you a great Vendor event !!!




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