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Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

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Autumn is in the air with our wonderful Fall candles scented with Egyptian Musk. Our Autumn Candles are 100% Soy Wax and Beeswax.

Burns Clean 
Burn time 12+ hrs  

Aromatherapy: Helps boost mood!

Care Information:

Keep out of reach of children, pets, and flammable materials. Burn only on a stable, heat resistant surface for no more than four hours at a time. Do not move candle while burning or wax is still hot.


Why choose Soy Candles?

Soy wax is natural - Soy wax is a favorite of environmentally conscious people because it is made from a renewable source and is not made from petroleum.

Soy candles last longer - Soy candles can last up to 50% longer than paraffin candles.

Soy wax spills are easy to clean - It's very difficult to remove paraffin wax from furniture or textiles. Soy wax spills can easily be cleaned up with hot soapy water.

Soy candles produce less soot - Soot should be avoided because it is very unhealthy and can eventually coat furniture and walls. Soy candles produce about 90% less soot than paraffin candles when wicks are properly trimmed.

Soy Candles provide support to American Farmers-For each soy candle purchase you make, you are helping support our American farmers while making our world a little greener. Plus, using soy candles helps to reduce our dependency on foreign crude oil of which paraffin wax is a by-product.


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