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Jasmine Candle

Jasmine Candle

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100% Soy Wax 

Burns Clean 

50-60hr burn

 Aromatherapy: Eucalyptus is useful for respiratory conditions that produce excessive mucous. The oil can help repair skin and relieve inflammation and itching. The scent increases energy and helps restore emotional balance.

Sleep: Lavender is widely known for is its ability to promote a relaxing atmosphere that leads to a restful night’s sleep. The calming properties of the oil help create a serene environment that is optimal for resting well and staying asleep.

Mood: used to be called a “love potion”. Its aphrodisiac properties are well-known, and it can also improve your mood and sense of well-being. If your mind tends to race, jasmine can help you relax. Its aroma can also help improve self-confidence and make a room seem more inviting and more comfortable. This essential oil is great for people dealing with, apathy or depression.

Care information

Keep out of reach from children, pets and flammable materials. Burn only on a stable, heat resistant surface for no more than four hours at a time. Do not move candle while burning or wax is still hot.

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