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Rocket Ship Candle

Rocket Ship Candle

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Having a "Hard" time finding a decorative candle? One that will surely be the talk of the day? Well look no further. Our Rocket Ship candle is just that!

100% Beeswax 

Burns clean 

10+Hour Burn 

Green is Scented with Egyptian Musk is a bold, yet mysterious, fragrance that defines luxury. Warm musk and amber complete this sultry scent. If you are looking for a scent that women and men alike will love - this, is it!

Pink is scented with Harvest Berry. A very soft yet sweet smell. 

 Aromatherapy: Promote relaxation and stress relief. This sweet and soothing scent can provide a number of benefits for your mind and body. The smell is calming and relaxing, and it can help you focus or get in the mood for relaxation.

These candles are mainly for decorative use, but if you choose to light your candle, burn it on a protected surface because there is no base to this candle. Melt this candle into a safe container, or base so that the wax pools safely.
The colors and details may vary a little from the photos because each candle is hand made for you with love.
Size: about 5.5 tall and about 1.96in wide. 

****Feel free to contact us to customize a different color or scent...we will try our best to make it the color or scent you want***


Care information

Keep out of reach from children pets and flammable materials. Burn only on a stable, heat resistant surface for no more than four hours at a time. Do not move candle while burning or wax is still hot,

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