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Citrus Spice Mini Simmer Pot Kit

Citrus Spice Mini Simmer Pot Kit

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Sea Salt, Lavender Buds, Dried Rosemary, Cinnamon Sticks, Dried Lemon and Anise Star.

How to use??


Pour some water in your pot and dump in the entire mini simmer pot kit baggie and stir for a few minutes until it boils. Turn off stove and let it sit and enjoy the aromatherapy!! You may also transfer the simmer into another container just be cautious. It will be hot! 

* contents are 100% organic, if using for consumption please be aware of the ingredients*

Reusable !

The Simmer Pot skits are reusable! To reuse strain and get rid of all the excess water and place the ingredients in an airtight container or Ziplock and refrigerate for future use. 

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