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Let’s Unwind Bath Soak

Let’s Unwind Bath Soak

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Add a scoop of these bath salts to your next hot bath and you'll feel like you've got your own at-home spa. This luxurious bath treatment combines mineral-rich salts and skin softening oils into a stress relieving escape that also helps restore moisture to your skin.
They contain no artificial ingredients or chemicals. Each jar has about 16oz of salts 

Ingredients :

Epsom Salt
Lavender Essential Oil
Shea Butter 
Aloe Vera Oil 
Organic Sugar 
Lavender Buds


Epsom salt: Helps reduce stress and soothes the body
Essential oils: distress your body with aromatherapy
Shea butter: softens and moisturize the skin
Aloe vera: hydrates and soothes the skin
Organic sugar: a natural humectant to draw moisture in for smoother and softer skin
Lavender: helps reduce redness, soothe and calm the skin and rapidly heal minor cuts and scrapes, as well as any rashes


Pour 1-2 scoops  into warm, running bath water. Soak for 15-20 minutes to help soothe muscles, relieve soreness, and refresh the skins appearance!! 

**For External use only, Do Not ingest**




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